Saturday, December 22, 2012

Short and Sweet

We're HOME!!! 

It was a tough week.  This chemo really does a number on poor Tom.  Doctor expects that he'll be fine through Christmas, just experience some nausea most likely (to which he has every med for).  Expects that it will be sometime later next week when his counts will crash that we may see him end up in the hospital again with a neutropenic fever or some kind of infection. He prescribed another antiobiotic though to keep things away.

I'm sick, which is lovely.  So we're both laying around in separate rooms feeling awful.  This is definitely a somber Saturday.  Apart from that though, Tom's happy to be home... as am I and I'll be especially happy enough when I'm well enough to sleep in my bed without worrying about infecting Tom.

Anyhow, we hope everyone else has had a wonderful pre-Christmas weekend!  

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