Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tom's results today 05/29/13

So the good news was that Tom had been officially moved to one day a week (though he's so far only enjoyed that for two weeks).  His numbers were on the lower side last week as far as white blood count goes but no one seemed too concerned as apparently they can just go up and down and they weren't low enough to warrant a booster shot. 

Today Tom went in for his usual appointment (labs, dressing change, and saying hello to the doc), his labs came back with an even lower count (absolute neutrophil count of 0.2) and while the doc said he could still go about things... he's postponed Tom's five intrathecal chemo's (spinal tap chemos) until he can figure out why his numbers are so low.  The intrathecal chemo can also cause one's numbers to drop so they don't want to start that until they get to the bottom of it all.  The doctor has instead scheduled Tom to go in for a bone marrow biopsy this Friday as he's afraid that the leukemia could be back and be the culprit or that Tom may have chronic graft vs. host disease. 

So hopefully things go well, they told us this was a possibility it's just one of those hurdle zones that this tends to pop up for people and just a high probability of it so think positive and let's hope and pray it all works out.

Rastrick Reunion Photos and Tom's "Surprise"

Thank you so much to everyone who made the UK Class Reunion a success!!! I am told it was quite a lot of fun and the photos that I've stolen via Rachel's post on the facebook page (thank you!).  If you have facebook and are part of the Tom Walshaw Medical Fund group chances are you've already seen these, but for those who haven't... enjoy!

ps. Will would like me to remind everyone that the "go get funding" page is still open!

As far as Tom's "surprise" went, last night Will arrived via Joe's chauffeuring to startle Tom at about 10:15pm!!! His response I believe was, "what are you doing here?!" Also Oliver and Jess arrived yesterday and are here for a few days and Alex is on his way up today as well... and Joe will be meeting back up with us this evening for an evening at the drag races.  =)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Good News Galore

To start, let us begin with Tom's health.  He's been doing really well.  Counts seem to be pretty good, the doctor is really pleased with him.  Tom has successfully driven to Salinas and back last week as well as Jackson and back on Saturday.  Granted he was rather exhausted the following days, but that's a long haul.  He's not feeling constantly nauseas though from time to time he does experience it, but it's just one of those things.

He was allowed from every day doctor's visits down to twice a week visits (Monday and Thursday) for the last two weeks.  They've also been lowering his dosage of anti rejection meds (which is partially responsible for his lower magnesium levels) so with his magnesium levels doing better with him taking them at home, plus his overall wellness, the doctor says that he may be able to cut down to one visit per week! We find out on Thursday.

I should clarify that the following sentence is not categorized as "good news" per say:
Uncle Philip will be leaving us on Thursday and will be replaced by David who is arriving Friday for a four day weekend (though by "replace" we don't mean replaced of course).  Tonight he'll be making dinner, garlic mashed potatoes and sirloin is what I'm told is on the menu. A little jealousy is encouraged.

It's been nearly 90 degrees almost all week and I think I was actually 90 yesterday.  It's to be in the mid-high 80s all week... might make Tom not so sad about being stuck indoors (in air conditioning).

A large thank you and appreciation goes out to the runners of the Leeds half marathon (if I have the title of the event wrong, blame Tom).  Will Goodrum, Michael Whitwam, and Jonny Henshaw you guys are amazing! Also to Auntie Marcia and the Brighouse Echo for the article in the paper about Tom and the UK Medical Fund's School Reunion event this coming Friday (May 17th).

Next on the list of good news:

Tom had purchased a "long term disability insurance" plan when he was obviously employed.  Of which we'd been receiving $100 a month.  Well I contacted them when our ship was sinking and after some digging, they are now going to be covering what the State Disability was doing going forward. Hooray! So while we were recently denied IHO and IHSS assistance... something came through to take the weight of worry off of our shoulders!

That said, from the absolute bottom of our hearts, we wanted to say thank you though we sincerely cannot thank everyone enough for the incredible love and support that we've had.  Truly we are so incredibly grateful for the outpour of love and support we had through what could have easily been incredibly devastating and difficult, but we have everyone to thank for keeping us going and afloat. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Please know that it has been a most humbling experience and in the future should anyone know anyone in a similar situation, please let us know as we will always do what we can to help because if it weren't for so many people giving to us, I truly don't know what would have happened.  Our eternal gratitude to you all! Please pass on the memo to anyone you may know who doesn't particularly follow our blog but may have attended our fundraiser or thrown in a donation.

Well, that's it for now!!! On those happy notes ... I shall leave you to the rest of your week! :)

-Tom and Laura

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good News :)

Happy May Day!!! Three years ago today Tom asked me to marry him! Doesn't seem that long ago. Anyway, I won't bore anyone with that.

Monday we had wonderful news! Tom had a bone marrow biopsy last Tuesday and the results were in... NO leukemia and he was at 99.77% the donor's cells vs. his own (they were hoping for at least 98% so he's doing well!).  The doctor said that while it's "still a bit early" he's "very pleased" with his progress this far.

Tom's virus has cleared up and he was given two days off last week to see how he'd respond with now taking magnesium in tablet form at home (instead of solely IV in the infusion center).  Monday he was also given Tuesday/Wednesday off.  We're hoping he'll be given Fri-Sun off too but that will all depend on tomorrow's labs I suppose. Tom would probably enjoy his days off much more if he were able to go outside, but he can't be in sunlight for an entire year due to his anti-rejection meds creating heightened sensitivity/skin cancer risk. 

Tom's Uncle Philip arrived safely last week and has been greeted by some rather hot weather for April (it's been in the 90's some days!!!!) luckily we've got some wind to help out a bit too.  Izzy is especially enjoying the sun though, attempting to spend nearly all of her time on the patio.

Saturday we snuck off for a drive with Kris and what an adventure that was (we'll leave it there, eh Kris?).  It was nice to get out and probably more so for Tom as I can sort of go where I please and didn't spend a month in the hospital.  Many thanks! This weekend we have some visitors, my mom on Friday and Teri on Sunday! We got to visit with Louie and Kelly last night after what seemed a forever.

In terms of Tom's condition he's doing rather well.  In the last week he's begun eating more normally and his color and energy is looking much better.  We've managed to taper him off of all of the round the clock nausea meds which is a good sign and he's a regular sassafras which always means he's feeling good!

Hope this blog finds everyone well!!