Wednesday, November 12, 2014

100 day biopsy results

As most know via the Facebook post, Tom is still in REMISSION! This means there were no leukemia cells found and he was 99.49% donor cells.  The percentage of donor cells (the chimerism) went down a tad from the thirty day read, but it's still in a very good spot as they want to see between 98-100% at this point in time. The doctor said he was "pleased" which translates to "this is very good" for normally expressive folk like us.

Tom has had a baffling rash for a few weeks now that no one at the hospital were "concerned" about, but also no one had an answer to say what it was or what could be causing it.  It just so happened to pop up when he was told to discontinue one of his meds and when told to go ahead and restart it (our suggestion, not the doc's), it began to subside.

Tom's labs have also been the best they've probably ever been since being diagnosed and without any kind of transfusion so that I would say/hope is another great sign.  His numbers are all within the "normal" person range (though on the low end but they're still "normal").

My apologies for anyone left waiting to hear the news.  I'm pretty sure via Facebook, emails, and phone calls, that we hopefully reached everyone within a reasonable time frame.  Life as always is just so busy, but it's great to be busy.

Other news, Tom was also able to get his tri-fusion line taken out :) Which was dependent on good numbers in order to make sure he wouldn't need any more donor cell infusions to follow up.

Thank you for all of your continued support, love, prayers, positive vibes, and for always cheering us on.

Some photos semi-recent photos of Tom on the mend 
Playing golf (yes, in the house) with Madalynne. On a previous trip to ours she returned to her parents and said, "They play golf in the house, can you believe that?!" 

Tom in his 20's themed attire for Halloween this year. For a bonus he decided to add his Granddad's cane to the ensemble.