Friday, March 6, 2015

Results and DLI

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in updating the blog.  So we've been home since February 8th.  Tom had his 30 day biopsy and he is Leukemia Free but due to the certainty that with chemo alone he won't stay there, they've done another donor lymphocyte infusion (DLI) Thursday. They're hoping they'll be able to get some more GVHD out of giving him these donor cells, though we aren't likely to know for a few weeks. Tom will have another biopsy at the end of March or so to check status of remission and % of donor cells and depending on whether he has GVHD they will decide whether to do a second DLI or not.

We got a wonderful banner from an elementary school in Pembroke Maine wishing a Happy Valentine's day. <3 Which just again I'd like to say thank you to everyone for sending over ONE HUNDRED birthday cards for Tom! He'd like to thank everyone for taking the time and thought to do that for him.

Tom is starting to build up his strength enough to venture out for brief periods of time which is nice.  The doctor thinks he may be alright to be on his own in a week or so.  We've had some visitors: Teri and Scott, Kathy, Jenny and Chris, which helps break up the long boring days.

Bit from Tom:

Thank you to everyone both stateside and from the UK for sending your well wishes my way.