Friday, April 25, 2014

Playing Catch Up... Again

Well, I'm sure at this point everyone is well aware that we did not get the results we had our fingers and toes crossed, and prayers said for. So Tom had relapsed again and to spare everyone the lengthy details and a box of tissues... he underwent some more chemo and will hopefully be doing another stem cell transplant this summer.

He did the chemo two weeks ago and was released to go home on Palm Sunday just following the chemo because he convinced the doc he'd come back in as soon as he got the fevers.  Staying true to his word, he ended up back in here last Friday night with the fevers, but luckily they got the fevers under control before it'd been too long or they got too bad, hooray!

David has been out to visit twice this month so that was nice and we were graced with Oliver's presence twice and Kane paid a visit with him.  We also got to see Alex, Emily, and Lily just before Tom had to go in for chemo and Helen is here currently for another week! Kris came and spent a day with Tom too (thank you!) so he's been getting some visitors to keep him company and well entertained.  Kane and Oliver introduced the game Catchphrase to the group and that was a winner!

Currently they are looking for a new donor for this next transplant.  As of today Tom is 0.1 WBC which is great because the doc said the other day that he didn't expect movement on those counts until next week-ish.  As we all know though, Tom is an overachiever.  A few days ago he told me Dr. Carroll said that his counts would probably hit the chart next week and maybe he'd be home end of next week and I told him to shoot for 0.1 on Friday, right on time!

In other fun news, our friend Lauren's school is doing a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and after sharing Tom's story they decided to name their classroom team, Team Tom! How awesome is that?!

Anyway, sorry for the delay and I'm hoping everyone has really been updated in some form or another already.  The initial news was so much of a blow I just wasn't up to it and then he was doing chemo and he's back in again, so it took me awhile.   Hoping he's back home soon! Thank you everyone for all of your love and thoughtful support!