Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1st, 2015

Hey everyone,

So Tom was let out of the hospital after a few days (I believe he came home on the Wednesday so he was in the 17-22nd.  Following that he had to go in daily as his levels were still all over the place and his doctor was on vacation.  This week his doctor returned and we saw him on Thursday, his doctor let us know that the liver biopsy was confirmed by UCSF as having some chronic graft vs. host disease which is what we wanted.  He did say however that there was not a lot present so they aren't entirely certain that it explains his liver levels being all over the place.  The liver biopsy also showed no damage from meds, no leukemia, and no detectable viruses or anything so it seemed all good. :)

During the last couple of weeks Tom has been placed back on immune suppressants as well as three types of steroids which they are going to start tapering him off of as they also raise his blood sugar and just make him feel terrible all around.  He also has a virus which is not making things any better so the poor guy is getting hit from all sides, but hopefully as they take him off off of everything some of these side effects will subside.

This coming Friday he will have the bone marrow biopsy so all fingers and toes crossed, prayers said, positive thoughts put out there that for the first time he can get passed his six month biopsy clear.  We are hoping that with the verified graft vs. host everything will be clear.

In other news, I have accepted a new job this week so in two week's time I will be starting a new job that will have future possibilities as I finish up my master's in marriage and family therapy and professional clinical counseling. I am super excited about this new adventure! Hopefully the good news continues on for Tom :)

Thanks for staying tuned and continuing to encourage and support Tom.  It's been a long three years but we could not have done it without all of you cheering us on!