Wednesday, August 27, 2014

30 Day Biopsy Results

Sorry to keep everyone awaiting (I feel like that's how every entry begins). I write to you from the couch, filled with some sort of mystery illness, no it is not strep and the nurse practitioner told me over the top of her gigantic framed glasses that I will get over it.  What an opportune time though, I thought, between school sessions and lack of motivation to do much else, to update the blog.

Monday Tom had his results appointment to reveal his bone marrow biopsy reading.  If I remember correctly, he's to do a biopsy 30, 60, and 90 or 100 days post transplant.  After that there's one six months post-transplant, another 1 year post transplant, and then once a year provided all continues well.   So Monday was the results from the first of these.  The results let the doc know if there is any sign of leukemia and what % donor cells he has.  They prefer to see at least between 98-99% one month out and Tom came in at 99.82% (so nearly 100%!).  The Doc literally only hung out for all of fifteen-thirty seconds so we didn't get a whole lot out of him other than this is "good" and "everything looks good. See you Thursday."

So hey, we'll take it!  Tom is doing way better this time around than he did last transplant.  He has more energy, I even think his taste buds are coming back faster.  By "energy" I mean he gets a good couple of hours of doing something in each day.  Sometimes more than that, but that leaves him wiped out the next day so we have to plan accordingly.  He's been cleared to attend a music festival in September, provided we purchase the VIP tickets so that it's shaded, has seating, and semi-private bathrooms.  So like Tom, needing to be VIP (haha).  He's down to three days a week going to the hospital which is probably quite the relief for both him and Oliver each morning. Currently they're down at the drag races (a weekly evening event which allows him to get out of the house, pollute his lungs with tire burnouts, and get some good people watching in).

I think that's pretty much it. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend! :)