Thursday, December 26, 2013

Biopsy Results 12/16/13

Sorry if I've kept anyone waiting on edge.  Two weeks ago, Thursday (12/12,), we got Tom's biopsy results and he is leukemia free!!!!!

Because Tom did not get graft vs host disease as they intended with his dli (the stem cell top up they did Oct 30th following the week of chemo), they are nervous that this remission won't stick without some form of extra reinforcement.  So they did a second dli on 12/17/13 with double the cell dosage as last time. It went well and they sent him home.

So far he seems to be responding well, we're just waiting for the stem cells to mature and hope to see some graft vs host.

In the meantime, my sister Corinne and her family along with Kathy have moved back, we had Corinne and Madalynne visiting over the weekend, we had a really good Christmas with the Walshaws, Saturday we venture north for Christmas with the Mahutgas! We have had a busy household this last week with the Belleci girls (Corinne and Madalynne), Helen and David, Oliver and Jess, and Alex! Tom goes to the doctor's next on Tuesday but only for labs and a dressing change... Not quite sure when he actually sees Dr. Carroll again.

We hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas! Thank you to those who've sent us cards and gifties, those of the edible variety have been demolished already.

May everyone have a wonderful and SAFE New Year's! I will do my best to keep this updated with his upcoming results, etc.