Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tom's results today 05/29/13

So the good news was that Tom had been officially moved to one day a week (though he's so far only enjoyed that for two weeks).  His numbers were on the lower side last week as far as white blood count goes but no one seemed too concerned as apparently they can just go up and down and they weren't low enough to warrant a booster shot. 

Today Tom went in for his usual appointment (labs, dressing change, and saying hello to the doc), his labs came back with an even lower count (absolute neutrophil count of 0.2) and while the doc said he could still go about things... he's postponed Tom's five intrathecal chemo's (spinal tap chemos) until he can figure out why his numbers are so low.  The intrathecal chemo can also cause one's numbers to drop so they don't want to start that until they get to the bottom of it all.  The doctor has instead scheduled Tom to go in for a bone marrow biopsy this Friday as he's afraid that the leukemia could be back and be the culprit or that Tom may have chronic graft vs. host disease. 

So hopefully things go well, they told us this was a possibility it's just one of those hurdle zones that this tends to pop up for people and just a high probability of it so think positive and let's hope and pray it all works out.

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