Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun Happenings and Relieving News

Hey everyone!!!

Too Much Fun!

So we've had a super busy couple of weeks!  We had Will out here visiting which was super fun!  Oliver and Jess were up for a few days as well and Alex and his friend graced us with their presence for an evening... so grateful to have company while we awaited Tom's results! :)  Will and Tom watched a lot of rugby and Cops.

This weekend, in particular, has been super busy! Friday was Brian's (my youngest brother/sibling) high school graduation!!!!
 Brian, myself, Grandma Peg, and Daniel.
 Daniel, my Dad, Brian, myself, Mom, and Grandma.
Dad, Daniel, Brian, and Tom.
Saturday Tom requested that we do breakfast at his favorite buffet around, Rolling Hills Casino.  After stuffing ourselves with an incredible amount of food, we had a quick round to check out the car show they also had going on.  We then hit the road to get home (as it was very hot... about 110F) and Tom needed to get a dressing change as he'd sweated it off!
That afternoon I joined Ashley and Alyse for a girl's date in which I was surprised with the plans! Here's a quick look of what we did! We were pretty much the stars of the class!
 Myself and my painting of Izzy.
Alyse with her painting of her dog Chewy, myself and Izzy, Ashley and her painting of Rosco!! Thanks girls!!!
Also that evening we were joined by Joe and Natalie from Jackson for dinner and some hilarious Cards Against Humanity in which I'm sure I could be rich if I had a dollar for every time Natalie exclaimed "There's something wrong with your wife!" to Tom (I swear Natalie, it was just the cards I drew... the real culprit is the person who picked them haha). Good times.
Sunday we met up for breakfast with Alyse, Clayton, Quinn (their adorable baby girl), and Ashley.  It was fantastic! While Tom was most certainly out of his element (I think it was a bit too "hippie" for him... with the one man flute band and all) and I think I may have purchased the most expensive coffee I've ever come across... we had a wonderful time.
We later joined Louie and Kelly over at their house who we haven't seen for ages and had dinner. Woo! Seriously! That is our weekend in a wrap! No wonder we were both so tired yesterday!
Not to do with our weekend, but for some fun... Team East Coast sent me some photos of them sporting the Team Tom shirts at a family get together (Doug's Retirement)!  I love it! So I definitely had to share and thought maybe other's might want to share theirs and it could be a fun little blog segment. Team Tom travels :) Note that they are sporting both flags! ;)

 So we have Linda, Linda and Michael, and Fred :)
Sitting in front are:  Nicholas (Jack's grandson/Doug's son), Jack, Cynthia, Evelyn (Cynthia's mother age 92), Lauren (Doug's daughter) and Pam (Doug's wife).  Back row wearing our team Tom shirts are:  Fred and Linda, Doug, Linda and Mike.
Thanks again to Aunt Linda for sharing photos with us! We always enjoy seeing them!  These were too good to of course not share with everyone else!!!
If anyone else wants to share photos sporting their shirts, please don't be shy and email them to me! I think it'd be super fun! Decimate Leukemia shirts (from last year's LLS walk) totally count too!!!
Lastly, given that it's out there now... we're also super excited to congratulate my sister (Corinne) and brother-in-law Mat on expecting their second child!!!! :)
Whew! I think that's a wrap on that!!!!


Now... for the Tom news!!!!

Tom's biopsy results came in yesterday! The doctor was worried about Tom's dip in counts and had Tom do an impromptu bone marrow biopsy to check for a possible return of leukemia or graft vs. host disease.  Much to our relief/surprise it came back fully clear!!!!!  Tom's marrow shows that he's at 99.83% the donor's cells.  With his counts starting to make their way back up they've speculated that maybe he just had an undetected infection that his body fought off ... but everything is good! 
Tom's hair is coming back in... he's almost got a full beard and his eyebrows/lashes back.  The rest of his hair is a bit slower in coming back in, but it's definitely on it's way!  He's starting the first of five intrathecal chemo's (spinal tap chemos) on Monday.  This will be once a week for five weeks unless they cause his counts to dip (which they can do and is normal), in which case they will have him go every other week for them.  This is just a precautionary thing to make sure that no leukemia has hidden out in the CNS and that if there is they get it. After these, as far as I understand he will be officially done with chemo treatments (party worthy?).
Happy Father's Day to those father's out there! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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