Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good News :)

Happy May Day!!! Three years ago today Tom asked me to marry him! Doesn't seem that long ago. Anyway, I won't bore anyone with that.

Monday we had wonderful news! Tom had a bone marrow biopsy last Tuesday and the results were in... NO leukemia and he was at 99.77% the donor's cells vs. his own (they were hoping for at least 98% so he's doing well!).  The doctor said that while it's "still a bit early" he's "very pleased" with his progress this far.

Tom's virus has cleared up and he was given two days off last week to see how he'd respond with now taking magnesium in tablet form at home (instead of solely IV in the infusion center).  Monday he was also given Tuesday/Wednesday off.  We're hoping he'll be given Fri-Sun off too but that will all depend on tomorrow's labs I suppose. Tom would probably enjoy his days off much more if he were able to go outside, but he can't be in sunlight for an entire year due to his anti-rejection meds creating heightened sensitivity/skin cancer risk. 

Tom's Uncle Philip arrived safely last week and has been greeted by some rather hot weather for April (it's been in the 90's some days!!!!) luckily we've got some wind to help out a bit too.  Izzy is especially enjoying the sun though, attempting to spend nearly all of her time on the patio.

Saturday we snuck off for a drive with Kris and what an adventure that was (we'll leave it there, eh Kris?).  It was nice to get out and probably more so for Tom as I can sort of go where I please and didn't spend a month in the hospital.  Many thanks! This weekend we have some visitors, my mom on Friday and Teri on Sunday! We got to visit with Louie and Kelly last night after what seemed a forever.

In terms of Tom's condition he's doing rather well.  In the last week he's begun eating more normally and his color and energy is looking much better.  We've managed to taper him off of all of the round the clock nausea meds which is a good sign and he's a regular sassafras which always means he's feeling good!

Hope this blog finds everyone well!!

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