Friday, December 21, 2012

A Quick Update

So it's Friday which means Tom has his last three chemo meds tonight and should be discharged in the morning.  The doctor took him off of compazine (a nausea preventing pill) because ironically enough Tom couldn't keep anything down.  Instead he's on an IV push of haldol and benadryl giving one of the two every three hours. While this switch to these has seemed to help significantly with the nausea, the flipside is extreme fatigue. Tom is losing the battle to stay awake and it has been very frustrating for him as it then leaves him not tired enough to sleep at night.  So there's that.

In other news, it appears that they have about 12 possible matches that they're examining to choose the best three (to leave room for some backup options if option no. 1 doesn't come through).  Because it is the Holiday season, Dr. Carroll expects that getting in touch with people and getting things done promptly, is highly unlikely to happen.  His prediction is that these delays will make for Tom having to do another four day maintenance round in 5-6 weeks and then the next time he will come in will be transplant time. So that's good, a plan.  That's pretty much everything we have to report!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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