Friday, December 7, 2012

Busying the Mind

Suggested by the social worker, we've taken a trip to Santa Cruz to visit family and friends to get our minds off of the biopsy and marrow matching results.  Tom still feels a bit wiped out from the chemo he had, but his intake of medicine to help is lowering, so I suppose that's a good sign.

The doctor's office says we can expect to be back in for chemo on Tuesday or Wednesday, we have an appointment Monday for the pending results and will find out then.  What kind of chemo depends on the results. If Tom is in remission and Alex is a match, it will probably be the ultimate  chemo (that's used to wipe out his entire marrow and immunity...there's no going backward they have to be transplant ready). If he is in remission and doesn't have a match yet, it will be a lower key chemo strictly to just keep him in remission until a match is secured.  If he is not in remission, they will do another round to get him there. So, a lot of possibilities in the air.

In the meantime, we are going to do our best to keep busy and otherwise minded.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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