Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maintenance Chemo

Interesting week so far. Tom was scheduled to begin chemo on Monday. While he has achieved remission, it's necessary to do some chemo until they have a donor lined to ensure that he remains in remission.  So, Monday was the day.  We arrived for about noon at the doctor's office and we were there for about two hours while they did his labs and he checked in with Dr. Carroll, then we were brought to his room in oncology (on the plain Jane ward this time, not the bmt unit).  He had his vitals done and then at about four the nurse came in and said she had no idea he was here!  No big deal, busy day, but Helen and I left for home around six-ish and a ways down the freeway we get a call from Thomas, "turn around" he says.

Apparently the hospital was out of one of his chemo drugs. Out of chemo! So we went back to get him and we were told it'd be in for Tuesday or Wednesday, they had to locate some from another facility. Yesterday was then the big day.  We were told to be in for three and when we arrived the pharmacy had called and said if we weren't in for four, they weren't going to mix the chemo.  Well we were for three and they didn't start chemo until nine! Something to do with transport.

Anyway, all underway. His first night was a rough one... Very sick.  Resting now, thanks to a rather large quantity of drugs I think. Expected to be released Saturday and so long as he can keep from any fevers, he should be home for Christmas.

In other news, David was supposed to arrive Friday and was actually able to be here this morning!

Counting down for Christmas! Will try to keep everyone posted on any developments here in the hospital!

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