Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Slight Scare but No Matter

So, Tom went to bed last night with a slight back ache (signs of his fast approaching birthday announcing old age, nothing alarming), to wake up in incredible pain around 4am.  He had shooting pain down his legs and across his lower spine, enough to cause what I can only describe as temporary tourettes syndrome.  Our neighbors were probably wondering what horibble thing I'd possibly done at 4am.

Tried stretching, He tried laying in different positions, using pillows as props... eventually he made it to the couch and we used a giant hotpack and some pain pills. He seemed to achieve temporary relief so long as movement wasn't involved.

We had an early appointment this morning for Tom to get his second unit of blood he was owed yesterday but couldn't receive due to time constraints. After inspection and consultation from Flora and Dr. Carroll, it was determined that his neulasta shot is the culprit.  Tom doesn't have any of the "concerning" symptoms of a spinal issue, so it's thought to be a simple trapped nerve amplified by the neulasta kicking the bones into gear producing white blood cells (which often creates flu-like aches and pains).

So, a bit of a concerning scare and while he's still in immense pain, at least it isn't suspected to be anything serious. Thank God for that. Now they're gonna pump him full of the good stuff- blod and pain killers!

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