Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chemo Next Week

Today we went to Tom's appointment with Dr. Carroll, went well.  Tom is scheduled to go in on Tuesday for another round of chemo.  He isn't too thrilled about it.  His birthday is the following Tuesday and though he'll be home Sunday, he probably won't be feeling too good on his birthday.  On the bright side, I got Tom tickets to see Muse on the 29th (for his birthday) and so long as he is fever free, Dr. Carroll said he can go!

Donors: Dr. Carroll said that the downfall with the registry and the third party situation is the delay over the holidays, so they haven't received any blood samples from the people they chose as best matches. It was expected though, he told us in December that he expected with the holidays that nothing would happen before the end of January, he expressed his own frustrations about the wait as well. So looks like March will be the transplant as predicted.

My carpel tunnel surgery is scheduled for the 24th of January.  My mom is going to come provide transport and assistance since Tom may possibly still be feeling the chemo side effects. As far as moving goes, we're looking, but seemingly neither of us want to move to Sacramento, so we shall see.

A quick and big recognition to Team UK and the fundraisong they're doing! I'll have to have someone send me photos of the pig races when it happens and we can put them up for everyone to see! Great job guys!!!

That's all for now folks!


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  3. I tried emailing you back, not sure it worked.