Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chemo Madness 1/17

So he's on day three of chemo. He had a very rough first night with being sick and restless.  That continued sort of through late morning yesterday when they did a second (and successful) intrathecal chemo/spinal tap (to check spinal fluid for leukemia). He spent most of yesterday unconscious, in the sense that he could not keep his eyes open, but also couldn't sleep.

Battling nausea, but he isn't as sick as he was last time... But he has next to no appetite. A little bored and lonely today... He says, "That's me, a bored and lonely donkey."  Tom would like to add that a bag of skips would be appreciated.  He should be released Saturday and his birthday is on Tuesday!  The big 2-6!!!! He would also like to add some pink and blue aniseed gummies from licorice all-sorts.

TGIF tomorrow!!!!

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