Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lego Madness

Today Tom's WBC has reached 0.0 and they've been giving him neupogen shots the last three days (to boost the making of his white blood cells) so hopefully they will rise sooner as well.  On Monday, Tom asked Dr. Carroll when he should expect to go home.  Dr. Carroll said, "two weeks"  to which Tom responded, "Great, I'll be home for Thanksgiving!"  Dr. Carroll responded, "Thanksgiving is in ten days."  Tom's response, "fourteen days, ten days, I'll be home for Thanksgiving."  The nurse we just spoke to said that most people hang out at 0.0 for 7-10 days so he will be cutting it close. 

As far as Tom's appetite goes, he is still having a difficult time with foods that are very aromatic-they make him instantly sick, so many of his hot entrees he must leave in the hall while they cool down.  On top of that, the chemo is known to destroy the lining of the GI track, so it's common for a person to develop mouth or throat sores.... Tom hasn't developed those two, but has developed sores and inflammation lower down in the esophagus, which creates great pain when he swallows even water.  This is all quite a shame, as his actual appetite is quite healthy, he wants to eat and is eating, but there are just a few barriers.  Currently, he is now having them give him dilaudid (hydromorphone, a semi-synthetic morphine) in order to eat.  Brilliant.

On another note... a more pleasant one, Tom was visited by the massage therapist yesterday.  He gets a massage apparently every Tuesday and Thursday.  He seemed to really enjoy the foot/leg massage he got yesterday and says that he is really looking forward to the full back massage that's due Thursday.  So, it isn't all bad.

Oliver's received his marrow test kit and hopefully Alex will receive his soon, so with any luck we shall know in a few weeks as to whether we have a sibling match.

Tom's handywork with the lego's yesterday.  Fully functioning with some functioning gears to move, lower, etc.  Pretty impressive. 
So in summary, esophagus pain, extreme boredom, WBC at 0 and some lego... that's what's been going on here.

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