Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home, Christmas, and The Plan

So we've been home a few days now.  Tom's feeling pretty crummy, upset stomach and some various pain, though the doctors have run tests and everything is good... just remaining side-effects of the chemo.  Poor guy.  We have a day off from driving down to Sacramento today, yes!

He's been receiving the neupogen shot (an artificial booster for production of white blood cells), so his counts had been skyrocketing up and then when he reached 4.0 (the bottom of the "normal" range) they didn't give him one (Sunday).  So, yesterday's counts were down a bit (which is normal when getting neupogen) to 2.8, so they gave him another injection and tomorrow he will have another lab draw to see where he's at.

In the meantime, he's feeling rather tired and sickly.  We're trying to stay on top of it with the pantry of medications he has.  Of course, it's hard to get some rest and feel better when there's a construction crew outside your window demolishing the outside of your apartment.  They're rebuilding the patios that were almost seriously crumbling before our eyes, so while that's reassuring... it's rather annoying.

Also, they show up at 8am sharp.  While we shouldn't be still lazying in bed; After a tough night's sleep, seeing a man through your vertical blinds working around your sliding door... is a bit uncomfortable.  Luckily, they were as "closed" as possible. Two to three weeks, that's what we're told.  May possibly be moving into the spare room.

In other news, we got our Christmas tree up! It's our first Christmas tree, ever!  So exciting!  Technically, when immuno-compromised, they say not to have any live plants due to the bacteria, etc.... but technically, Tom won't be there for very long and I think it's sort of livened the spirits a bit.  The holiday's can feel almost as "normal" as possible... thanks to our well decorated tree!

Down to business:
  • Alex has his marrow matching test tomorrow
  • Dr. Carroll has made the order to start preliminary searches on the registry
  • Tom is booked in for Tuesday to do his marrow biopsy to check on his remission status. 
I think, that's everything!  Time to go return Tom's stuff to his work (as he's no longer officially employed there) and then I've got to go get some food for our house! We've been away too long!!! 

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