Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bread thief...

Today was Tom's last day for chemo.  His counts have already shown a decline which is good.  This regimen has made him feel pretty crummy and in particular, in the mornings. He seems to be okay more in the afternoons which is good, makes him able to eat. 

His "expected" discharge date is 12/07, though he seems rather insistent that he will not be here that long. As mentioned, it's begun a decline in his counts, so today he is receiving two units of blood.  From here on out, he just has to sit and wait and in the meantime not contract a secondary infection.

Not really anything to crazy to report, just thought I'd announce that he's made it through the chemo and now it's just the waiting game.  Hoping that in the meantime, one of his brothers will test as a match and keeping our fingers crossed that this chemo puts him into remission.

We had a nice visit from Louie, Kelly, and Ernie.  Louie and Kelly have brought Tom a stuffed companion leopard to keep him company from the Build-A-Bear.  :) 

After our visit, I went into the "family room" where this a fully "equipped" (yet VERY outdated) kitchen where you can store items and cook food, etc.  I had brought in some things today so that I could have some of Tom's staples readily available... one of these things was a full loaf of bread for bacon sandwiches.  When I opened the cupboard, my labeled loaf of bread was nowhere to be found.  I thought, "maybe someone put it in the refrigerator", yet that was a no.  Turns out, one of the patients was discharged today and when his wife was packing up their food items (they'd been in a month), the nurses assume that she probably took the bread. 

I had also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this morning to leave for whomever in the family room to eat.  Now, either A. I'm a better baker than I think I am and people couldn't put them down  or B. Bread Thief is also the Cookie Monster.  

Anyhow, hope this gave someone a smile for the next time make some toast. :P

Hope everyone is doing well.

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