Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The New Regimen

There is no official name for this particular regimen, it's sort of a custom tailored regimen for Tom (though approved also by the UCSF doctor). The nurse we have tonight is telling us how incredibly thorough Dr. Carroll is and gives very high marks for him.  Seems to think that he's quite good at finding the best concoction.

When on the Hyper CVAD regimen, Tom would usually feel almost too good until about day four.  The particular concoction Dr. Carroll has come up with, has made him feel rather lousy straight away. Tom's contribution to how things are going consists simply of, "lots of puking."  He says he's back on the Chemo Diet Plan... destination goal weight probably by next week.

The other slightly bummer news as it were, is that the menu here is the same as the one at Sutter Roseville... meaning Tom finds nearly everything repulsive.  The upside, they've supplied him with a list of alternatives so he may create his own planned menu... and cake is involved.

Perhaps the most disappointing news is that both David and Helen had to return back home today.  Always a sad day when mom and dad leave, though being sick all day I'm sure was of no help.

On a "brighter" note, he's nearly completed day two of five! 

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