Thursday, October 18, 2012

Topping Up Tom

Tom went in for a simple top up on blood today.  Takes a few hours so he's actually currently receiving blood.  We hope that this should help him shake the dizzy spells he's been having when he stands up and make him less fatigued.  In theory it should do the trick.

Tomorrow he just has a simple lab draw so we will know if the blood helped boost him up a bit and hopefully his ANC (absolute neutrophil) and WBC (white blood cells) levels will be on the trend back upward. With them being low we are in for a quiet weekend, but with Helen arriving next week, a bone marrow aspiration next week and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Soceity's Light the Night walk next weekend... a quiet weekend may just be what's needed.

Getting excited for the walk next weekend! It will be great to see everyone and we are very grateful to all of those whom donated!  It's a worthy cause and a wonderful group.  Maybe the dollar to find the cure will be floating around in there.

This coming Saturday, Helen (Tom's mom), family members and some friends of Tom's will be hosting a "coffee morning" event to raise some money to help us pay for the insurance denied Rituxan.  If the insurance decides to be nice wonderful people of rational capacity and do decide to repeal their denial and cover it, the money will go to support the Leukaemia Research UK.  Below is the flyer for the event. =)  For those in the UK.

So there's that for now, we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we shall keep you posted should Tom decide to do anything crazy and end up back in the hospital... his instructions, however, clearly to state to "keep it boring".

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