Saturday, October 13, 2012

"There's No Place Like Home"

Tom was released from the hospital today and while normally that means for most people that they're feeling pretty good; Unfortunately, for Tom, he gets released at the point where he's just starting to feel his worst.  In any case, he at least gets to be sick and uncomfortable in his own bed, rather than having to share his pain and discomfort with everyone else in the ward.

He has some chemo in the outpatient center this upcoming week, which will include his last ever intrathecal chemo, woohoo!!!!!  So, he is definitely looking forward to that.

It was supposed to be a surprise for Tom, but given that he'd had some rather upsetting news this week, we caved and told him: Helen will be coming out for two weeks on the 22nd! We're also hoping that David will be able to join us the weekend of the Light the Night walk.  Though Tom has a bone marrow aspiration a few days before the walk, we're hoping he will feel good enough to participate.  If not, we are happily accepting volunteers to maybe push him the two miles... anyone training for the strongest man competition?

Hopefully Tom will keep these next couple of weeks "boring" as Dr. Colbourn likes to put it.  The last time he got this cocktail of chemo was when he ended up in the hospital with E. Coli.  They've lowered the doses this time, but we will have to make sure he plays it safe.  That said, there probably won't be many "blogs" over the next two weeks, as I'm sure that no one cares to know what T.V. shows Tom is watching while he lays in bed or on the couch. ;P

We welcome those who want to skype.  Just send us a message and we'll make sure to be in (though we'll only be out if he has something going on in the outpatient center)... which is MWF so Tuesdays or Thursdays are good.  :)

Until Next Time!

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