Friday, October 12, 2012

A bit like the weather... gloomy

 61* and Overcast :(

Tom's not feeling too good today.  Under the weather from the chemo, his back is hurting and spasming and so the hospital bed is a bit annoying to him.  He's got up to do his laps and stuff, but all around he's feeling a bit down.  Monday's news just has him and everyone in a bit of a rut.  It will be nice to get some good news after his marrow biopsy at the end of the month.
Tom was really hoping that he could go home today, but Dr. Colbourn said he's never had anyone's methotrexate levels lower fast enough for a Friday discharge.  His methotrexate levels should be low enough to go home tomorrow, which isn't soon enough for Tom. If anyone has any funny jokes, feel free to share them with Tom to brighten his day up.  Which reminds me, you should be able to leave comments at the bottom of each little blog. 

On a brighter note: we are #11 for most fundraised for the Light the Night Walk and my wonderful coworkers have donated their tips to our team as well so I'm hoping it will put us at #10.  Less than three weeks to the walk!!!

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