Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The News and Hospital Recreational Activity

The Jist of the news:

So Colbourn said that he personally has never had this situation happen (where the leukemia cells aren't at zero after the first two chemo treatments). However, it's not to say that it can't or doesn't happen.  He said that one of his colleagues in his office actually had a leukemia patient experience this within this last year and after the fourth round (which is what Tom is on at the moment), a marrow biopsy showed the levels to be at zero.  Dr. Colbourn says that given the 80% decrease after the first two, he sees no reason that the next two couldn't drop the remaining 10%. 

IF for some reason there is no decrease, or very little, we may need to discuss "option B".  Dr. Colbourn is currently doing his research and contacting academic colleagues for their opinions in order for him to devise a plan b if it were to go there.  Of course he has also said that if we don't see the results at zero and round five doesn't do anything, then he will send us to get our own second or third opinion, talk bone marrow transplant, etc. and then come back to create our plan of action.  All of this bit is under a big gigantic "if" and just in order to be prepared. 

What's really important to stress is that Dr. Colbourn is expecting this round and the previous round to do the trick.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Tom's intrathecal chemo, but he was able to get it with the lady who seems to have an easy time and leave him without the headaches afterward.  Also, this round of chemo will be his last two intrathecal chemos!!!! It was confirmed by Colbourn today, so no longer assumed, but fact. :)

The More Light Hearted Recreational Activity:

Tom apparently did a few laps around the ward and decided he'd walked a long way. So he took the time to calculate how far a round was and how far a mile would be, to just be disappointed that all the walking he had done only equated to less than half a mile.  He has determined that thirteen laps equate to a mile... and possibly extreme diziness after going around that many times.

While racking up some laps, we decided to stop by the conference room and see if there was anything good going on.  We attended an oncology nutrition class last night and tonight we decided to pop in on a cancer support group... though Tom was kicked out once someone else other than us showed up, as it was apparently solely for family and friends. 

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