Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thus Begins The Blog

Welcome to The Leukemia Log

As I am not the world's most tech savvy sort of person, this form of communication was recommended by many in the beginning. I of course thought, "I can barely email, how will I set up a blog?" I also thought that it may be difficult for some folks to get their updates this way, but in certain cases, I will just send the link when there's a new one (that's my sort of plan anyway). Turns out that I can't even email, as half the time my email decides to just not include certain addresses I enter. So here we are, we shall see how I do. The other positive aspect is that you won't all be bombarded with emails from me, you may solicit information on your own time.

I will figure out how to put in all of the previous emails as well, so that if anyone has missed one or more or perhaps would like to share with someone else, they can have access to them all. I shall make a plan to at the very least, have a new update up every Monday, but it seems that his inpatient stays tend to have a little more excitement than being at home on the couch, so those weeks might have a few extras.

Right, to start. Today is 10/09/12 (that's 09/10/12 to those of you in England). We had a bit of some bummer news last night and hopefully we will get more of a clearer picture today. Dr. Colbourn (the oncologist) told Tom that his bone marrow aspiration last round yielded 10% leukemia cells. While his first bone marrow biopsy during his diagnostic week July 26th yielded 90%, we apparently expected this last one to yield zero. Dr. Colbourn said that they will do another one after this round and if there's anything left we will have to talk about some more serious alternatives. I shall have more for everyone on what that means after we talk to him today. Keep some positive thoughts up!

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