Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two weeks Post Transplant (Day +14) July 31, 2014

Well, yesterday Dr. Carroll returned and he is very pleased with Tom's progress.  They plan to change him over from IV cyclosporine to the pills this weekend to see how he's doing and he may be out of here early next week! Doctor says maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, so that's exciting.

Now they just watch for signs of graft vs. host these next few months with his daily visits.  Tom has been very tired, which is normal.  It's tough work making all of those new cells and having them be accepted.  The doc says between the stem cells reproducing and all the things they have him on it's pretty understandable why he's so tired.

He's still battling the nausea, but that's nothing new for Tom following chemo.  It's likely to continue maybe another couple of weeks or so, but it seems to lessen a little bit here and there.  He hasn't been eating a whole lot, the mouth and throat sores attribute to that, but he just doesn't have an appetite and so frequently feels ill, he manages little things here or there.  He's had a craving for a couple of more adequate foods but they're too heavy and make him throw up pretty immediately, so we have to take it easy.

He shaved his head today (the beard went a few days ago), he woke up and his pillows looked like a Newfoundland dog had been sleeping there so we thought it was best.  We got some more cards delivered today, some from Team Effy.  For those who don't know, Oliver played rugby in Aptos with Effy's dad and Effy is a young girl who also was diagnosed with leukemia and she is quite the trooper.  She and her brother made Tom some cards and sent a "Team Effy" bracelet.  If you'd like to follow her story, you can find it here on Facebook.

I think that's about all we have to offer for today.  I return back to work Monday (so I'm scheduled), but depending on Tom's discharge we shall see. :)

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