Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 Day +4

Some of you may remember how they label the days surrounding transplant, but just a refresher, they count down at the start of chemo (day -7 or -6 depending) and the day of transplant is noted as "Day 0" from which they continue to count, Day +1 (following transplant), +2, etc.  Today is day +4.

Tom's counts have begun to drop as expected.  This time last week he was at WBC 1.8 and today he is at WBC 0.5.  His hgb is at 10.5 and platelets at 32.  For hgb they provide blood transfusions at 8.5 or lower and platelets they transfuse at 20 or lower. So the white cell count will drop to 0.0 for awhile and when they recover is when the discuss discharge.  Of course, Tom will also have to be eating well and taking his pills by mouth as well.

Tom's been having some good days and yucky days, more like all yucky days with a few hours of okay-ness here and there. He has lost over 15 pounds in the week and a half he's been in the hospital. His mouth sores have started to develop so they'll be creating a difficulty eating and typically end up in the esophagus as well which makes it incredibly painful for him to swallow.  I don't think anyone is looking forward to that period of time.  I guess it's time to start becoming regulars at Jamba Juice again.

He is already feeling really fatigued and isn't able to do as many laps around the hallways as he could before, but that's pretty typical.  He makes the effort though to do at least one at a time a couple of times a day.

Also, I just found out today that if anyone is interested in sending cards to Tom at the hospital they do a morning card delivery (no pressure).  It would just have to be addressed to the hospital and include his name like so:

Sutter General Hospital
Attn: Thomas Walshaw rm. 4422
2801 L Street
Sacramento, Ca 95816
USA (for you UK folk)

Just a forewarning: Please no live plants or anything though as they will not let them be brought into the room.

Thank you for your continued, prayers, love, and support!

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