Tuesday, July 22, 2014

05/22/14 Day +5

Tom had a really rough night beginning yesterday evening.  It seems that he has been getting upset stomachs in the early afternoons and then around dinner time ends up being really sick.  The last couple of nights he's been sick and restless and then spends the day time trying to catch up on rest and not feel too awful.

As mentioned yesterday, he's lost a bit of weight already.  Dr. Kiwan mentioned it as well when he was doing rounds filling in for Dr. Carroll.  Tom's stomach since yesterday evening has been very upset (poor guy).  Dr. Kiwan says this is the first indication for the mouth/esophagus/stomach sores as well as the fevers.  This is all fairly expected so in the next few days that's what it seems is to come.  Poor Tom is in just complete discomfort and feeling so bad and there just isn't much we can do.

Since the expected trend is fevers and whatnot we just have to cross our fingers and toes and say our prayers that he doesn't have anything to crazy rise up as the source of infection and that it's all easily treatable and recovery is fast and easy for him.  It's definitely not comforting to hear, "It's going to get worse."

That's where we're at.  If only we could get him to consume something and retain it. Due to the upset stomach we're gowned and gloved up until the C-Diff test comes back negative.

Keeping you updated :)

PS. I've added a new page with some resources for others if anyone ever needs any resources on cancer treatments, support groups, financial assistance, etc.  I hope it's helpful :)

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