Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day +13 July 30 2014

Tom is doing super well as far as his counts go.  Looking back on last year's transplant blogs, we were told that counts wouldn't start to rise until day +14 and Tom's did on day 11 last time and day 8 this time.  His doc has been on vacation so we've been seeing Dr. Kiwan, so it should be interesting to see what his doc says today since he's returned.  

Tom says if anyone is bored to send him a message as he has nothing to do while he's here. Message him via fb or you can text him if you have his number and if you need either or, just ask me :)

He got some cards delivered yesterday from Aunt Linda and Uncle Fred and their church :) as well as a card from Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Rod so cards being sent to the hospital definitely works.  I think that's like VIP status, receiving cards to your hospital room. 

If you know any good articles or funny things you want to share with him to keep him amused, send them his way ;) Now is just the waiting game and hopefully no more fevers now that the counts are on the rise.  Nurses speculate the counts mean he's definitely engrafting (the cells are taking... gotta make sure this is in English for ya Will).  

Okie doke, well that's all folks. Tom has only had one blood transfusion so far (which is pretty darn good) and only two days of platelets I believe.  He hasn't had either since the 26th. :)

I've been praying and praying that God just heal him and make him better.  Being a week ahead of schedule I think is a good sign that we're getting answered. Thank you to everyone who's been praying and thinking of us and sending such thoughtful and supportive things our way! :)

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