Sunday, February 3, 2013

Possible Wonderful News

Before we get too excited, we haven't met with the doctor yet, but received some possible good news from one of his transplant coordinators!  We asked her the other day if there was any news on whether anyone had sent in their blood for further HLA typing (marrow typing), as when we left the hospital after Tom's last chemo round we were told no one had sent anything in.  Whether anyone would have responded would determine whether Tom would have to do another "maintenance" round of chemo or if he would get to just have an extra long break and then go in for pre-transplant chemo (where the marrow cannot bounce back).

Well, when we asked the nurse she said she hadn't gone to the meeting the previous week and she'd already signed out and was on her way out the door.  She then actually turned around and went and checked her emails to find some good news!  One of the three people had already submitted everything in, but was only a 9/10 on the matching and they want a 10/10.  She said they were only awaiting CT scans on the others!!! So fingers crossed we will here more on Thursday when he meets with Dr. Carroll and double fingers crossed it's that both people were perfect 10/10's!!!! The doctor likes to have at least 2 lined up in case the person backs out for whatever reason, which sadly does happen.

The Organization of the registry has some information regarding the typing process.  I thought I'd share a link to it if anyone was interested in knowing more or even joining the registry.  Be The Match Registry has a lot of information on all aspects of the bone marrow transplant process.

Aside from that, all of the blood he received last week did him well as he registered in at 10.0 for hemoglobin, 1.9 white blood cells, and 1.4 absolute neutrophils.  He did receive a bag of platelets as he was borderline at 21, but everything is going up and up and the shot he received to boost WBC production should be kicking in as well. So we only go to Sacramento on Thursday. :)

Quick Plugs:  A good week for news on our end, as well as the Giants had a smashing start to their season Saturday (Tom's rugby team to the US folks), and lastly the Super Bowl was an excellent game!  Thoughts and Prayers toward the remaining two being matches please and while you're doing that, throw in a good word for Tom's Granddad if you would. Thank You!!!!

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