Saturday, February 23, 2013

Home Stretch- Official Dates!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally had a date determined!!!!!

March 22nd 

has been chosen by the donor for the transplant date!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've finally come to the point of knowing when it will be!  The staff was really pushing for the donor to choose the fifteenth, but the 22nd was the earliest of the three original dates that had been suggested to the donor and as far as we know, the fifteenth wasn't put forth as a possibility until at least last week. But we have it!  

This means Tom will go in either the 12th or 15th she said depending on the pre-transplant chemo regimen the doctor chooses for Tom.  Apparently one of them is nine days long and then the transplant happens the next day and one is six or seven days long.  So, most of his testing is done apart from the marrow biopsy which was pending transplant date because to be considered valid, it must be done no more than a certain number of days before transplant. 

Back Up Caregivers:

If anyone (UK or US) would like to come stay with us for any period of time (preferably when Helen isn't available to be here due to room as well as so it's more helpful), they'd not only be very welcome, but super appreciated.  We aren't 100% sure what to expect as everyone's transplant is so different, but the hospital would like us to be "prepared for the worst and hoping for the best".  Having a "backup caregiver" would give me the opportunity to run errands or do whatever needs to get done (as he needs someone around... not necessarily conjoined to him, but with him 24/7), maybe running him to his appointment or walking Izzy... nothing too involved. So, this could be someone who wants to visit for a week, or someone who would like to just volunteer a day... anything. 
If you're interested, please let me know so maybe we could try to work out a schedule that would be as functional as possible in terms of people visiting. Our current plan consists of Helen coming out around the transplant time for a few weeks, when she's gone Louie and Kelly will be able to visit on the weekend to allow for errand running (thanks guys!!!), my mom says she can be a backup for if I get sick or if needed, but if anyone else is interested in hanging out with the big guy... I'm sure he wouldn't mind a break from me either. Email me if interested:


Some or most may know that we have been urged by the hospital to move closer for both ease of driving distance (since we will be doing the drive every day for a few months!!!) and also for Tom's safety if he should happen to spike a fever and need to get to the hospital (thinking of traffic and car time).  We have been having quite the search in the suggested Pocket Area of Sacramento, also known as Greenhaven we are told. 

We were originally running into the issue of Izzy being of a breed that's often restricted or being over 30 pounds. One nice property manager lady told us we should have her made a "companion dog" given Tom's status; Apparently a "companion" dog is much simpler than a "service" dog in the sense that it just requires a simple letter from a doctor or therapist stating that having the dog around would create a better healing environment... at least that's what our letter says haha. So, I am proud to announce that our nosy little furry nuisance is a "companion" dog.  It has made our search much easier and seemingly quite cheaper (as deposits apparently cannot be charged!). 

So we sort of have an idea and are just awaiting a phone call tomorrow, but we may have made up our minds on a place.  Hopefully we can get as much done as possible before Tom goes into the hospital (I'm sure he's looking forward to moving house and then doing possibly 5 weeks in the hospital!). 

Across the Pond News

Sounds like the pig race fundraiser was a successful and fun night!!! Thank you all who made it to take part, those who organized it (yes, I realize I spell both "organize" and "realize" differently, but I assure you in America I have spelled it correctly, haha), and thank you to everyone for all of their efforts in making the night fun and a success!  Also, thanks for letting us join you to watch our two pigs lose! I thought for SURE I would at least beat Tom, but I think my pig was dead last (suiting really).  IF anyone would be so kind as to email me  some photos of the event I would love to post them on a blog for everyone to see! Can't wait to hear all about the event via skype with Helen tomorrow! Again, many many thanks to you all!!!

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