Sunday, January 25, 2015

1/25/15 Day 16 : Operation Birthday Cards was a SUCCESS

First and foremost, I just want to say a giant THANK YOU!!! to everyone who sent a card to Tom for his birthday.  I'm sure there are still some trickling in but he definitely got over 100 cards! So crazy! So thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to stop and get a card, write him such wonderful messages, and send it off.  Thank you to all those who shared the event as well.  I think there was a strong contention between Sean Coon and Auntie Cheryl for "I'm a friend of ____" comments. Surprisingly, there has not been one repeat card, so I guess you're a very original group! I think Joe Doll takes the cake on that one in terms of finding a store bought card that absolutely no one else would have chosen (considering it was a card for not only just a woman, but of different ethnic origin LOL).  I also think we clearly have a very funny group of friends based on the cards that made their way in. Clearly we also have some rather crafty/artsy friends too as there were a couple of really awesome hand made cards.  Point being.... You are all SO amazing, thank you for making Tom's day as good as it could have been! <3  Jennifer, you should know those blankets you made have come quite in handy! Tom has had a couple of people ask if he's a USC fan and he gets to tell them that no it's the Huddersfield Giants team colors, haha. Also, Helen has greatly appreciated her blanket as well to keep her from freezing in here!

Well there appeared 0.1 white blood cells yesterday (which equals 100)  so he's officially on the board and it was still there today.  His hemoglobin (red cells) were hanging in there and actually did a couple of days of increasing on their own, but today they've fallen quite a bit and he will be getting a blood transfusion along with some platelets.

Poor Tom is at the point where the lining from the mouth all the way through the digestive track is gone so he's pretty sick, especially with GVHD of the mouth/possible gut as well.  Needless to say he has to take pain meds in order to just not have terrible pain in his mouth, but definitely has to take them if he wants to try and eat something.

We don't have a projected date to come home, it may be wishful thinking for end of this next week, but maybe the week after.

Andrew left before the sun was up this morning back to Michigan.  We enjoyed his company, good cooking, and I hear there's a home improvement project of a flood light that he did.  Thanks for coming out and visiting Andrew! Izzy will miss her frequent trips outside (haha).

Speaking of Izzy, thank you to Louie and Kelly for getting her a new "indestructible" (we all know the truth lol) toy for her! The timing couldn't have been more perfect since she had just destroyed her other one! If she could, she'd give you guys two paws up ;)

Simon is coming to visit from the UK next weekend so that should be something for Tom to look forward to!

A note from Tom:
Tom also would like to add thank you for all of the birthday messages, cards, and wishes. He says he's really disappointed that he isn't going back to work and that it was a big blow for him.  It will keep things complicated for a bit longer.  He says that even though it's nearly February, he hopes that everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.  He also wants everyone to know to please feel free to send him messages and stuff on Facebook, but to know that if he doesn't respond right away it's probably just because he's sick and forgetful but that he does enjoy reading them and plans to respond... eventually. 

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