Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fundraiser and Tom's Escape Plan

First and foremost, many of thanks to those who helped with the fundraiser!!! Whether via donating a raffle item or food, cooking, serving, showing up to eat or shop, or those who've sent a donation in their physical absence. We so greatly appreciate it and thanks to all of everyone's hard work, generous donations, and hungry bellies, we were able to raise over $5,000 after paying for everything. That is so incredibly fantastic!!!

Special thanks to Leslie who put on the ring leader hat to make this happen! Many thanks to Ana Thuemler, Jessica Smith, and Eric & Erin Henderson (of E. Henderson Photography) for their support, muscle power and excellent photos that you're about to see!!! :) Thank you to the Manzo Family at Rancho Grande and Brooke of Prime Cut for selling our tickets at your business! I'd also like to put an incredibly gigantic thank you out there to the Mesker family who with one day of notice took on the role of the chief bbq masters and made our fundraiser the success it was!  Thank you to our baking elves as well!!! No sweet tooth went unsatisfied, that's for sure! So thank you, Lindsay, Teri, Vera, and Amanda! Also, thank you to Michelle Haggard for getting the word out there via the news! So awesome!!! So many many thank you's to be said so do know how sincerely grateful we are for any part that every one played with the fundraiser!!!

 Helen measuring an "arm's length" of raffle tickets for Brant who went on to win a crocheted purse and jewelry box.
 The many, many cupcakes, cookies and brownies that went on to make the "dessert" table! All of the orange is for the leukemia ribbon color! :)
Flowers for Ana, Erin, and my mom. :)
The tons of meat being cooked by the hard working grill masters!
Our live entertainment provided by the wonderful Michael Smith!
The two goofballs responsible for all of these amazing photos! Also, to put a plug out there... Eric is very much serious that they should go back for the UK cycle race in July, right Eric?
My wonderful get-up to help Leslie and Laura with the raffle. Literally, could not see a thing.
The beautiful Amanda and Ana
The Moms: Helen, Marya, and of course myself.
Hey! She stole my hat!!!
I love this photo! Carlos was so awesome! He came out to d.j. for us for a bit and of course Sylvia just brought the party with her. :)
One of the couple of super winners! (a few people repeatedly won raffle prizes... something fishy going on there!)
The folks you need to watch out for when visiting Corning!
Headquarters: Raffle Tickets, Dinner Tickets, T-shirts, Hand blown Glass items... you name it.
Having some photo booth fun! Helen was getting ready for her retirement in Florida!
Raffle time!
Helen and Cindy running the tickets!
Delicious tri-tip and chicken. This photo makes my mouth water (figuratively).
Raffle Items! The gorgeous gift basket from the Cranes!
An example of my lack of ability to see with the glasses on.. I couldn't even walk. Notice my dad's supportive concern in the background. haha
Raffle Table
More of the raffle items
Teri and Scott... Aren't they so good lookin'?
The hungry crowd and oh so wonderful servers! If you winked at my dad you could get an extra slice of tri-tip.
Hazard Family, Rockin' it as usual!
Mom obviously abandoned her station as chief bean disher. You'd think she was a union worker or something.
Lindsay's super amazing brownies!!! SO good!!!!
The photo booth props!
 So Groovy!
 Team Tom (though we failed at showing the writing on our shirts haha)
The best lookin' gals in town! hahaha! (Yes, also the ones forewarned of earlier)
Anyhoo, so as you can see... lots and lots of fun! THANK YOU!!!!! Many, many thanks to all of those who were able to make it out! Thank you to all involved! We are so grateful!!!! Thank you to Erin and Eric for capturing the day for us to share with others and especially to share with Tom who couldn't be a part of it.  Next time :)
Tom's Escape From the Hospital:
So, I'd promised via facebook last night to provide a blog today and the reasons as to why Tom would not be going home tomorrow.  Turns out, since that time, the doctor is now saying Tom may be going home tomorrow!!!! They are starting him on the gen-graf (anti-rejection) pills tonight and if his counts and stuff are good tomorrow, he'll be good to go! Hooray!!! They were going to have him wait because the last two days he's been vomiting and also ran a little fever yesterday so they cannot let him go home until those anti-rejection meds are okay to be taken by mouth (as opposed to the IV form he's been on).  Also, he wasn't eating as much as they would like to see and his counts weren't were they needed to be, but all of that seems to be in his favor now so his goal of Wednesday is looking possible!!!!
Funny Tom moment:  The nurse was in taking his vitals and I asked her if she had cut her hair (it looked different). She replied, "Oh no, I curled the ends a bit and used a headband!"  Tom looked at her and said "I didn't do anything with my hair this morning!"  haha (as it's all missing). 
In getting ready to leave tomorrow, they will be removing Tom's PICC line... he's apparently kind of sad about it, which is particularly odd given how much he complains about it.  He says it's now a part of him.  How funny!
Fingers crossed for tomorrow, folks!!!  Tom says to let everyone know that he's "hanging in there"!  

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