Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day -3

In terms of notating where Tom is in his treatment, they do day -x until transplant day and then from there they go upward so that when someone is at 80, it's known that it's 80 days post transplant. So today is day -3, meaning three more days until transplant!

To be perfectly honest, Tom is feeling incredibly awful today.  He's been sick, he feels like he's been hit by a truck, he's incredibly weak and exhausted.  Today is a rough day.  None of this is out of the ordinary though.  Dr. Carroll told Tom on Saturday (when Tom was feeling really well for being on chemo) that around day four or so it tends to catch up with people. 

On the bright side, when he finishes with this bag that's going right now (of cyclophosphamide), he will only have one bag left which is tomorrow and then he's forever done with chemo!!!!!  The doctor says that hopefully by Friday or Saturday Tom should start to feel okay again.  He also started the cyclosporin today which is the anti-graft vs. host medicine. 

I have been staying at home overnight apart from one night and tonight, in order to not leave Izzy completely on her own and Tom's been ok for the most part.  Tom is really looking forward to having his family visit, as am I of course.

In other news, the wonderful Huddersfield Giants have put an article on their homepage for Tom :) So wonderful, click here to view it! Isn't that amazing!?  A GIANT thank you to them! So awesome.
They also featured an article in their home game program this last Saturday, which Tom did end up watching from the hospital thanks to some creative thinking and an iphone. I'm told they will be featuring him in their next home program as well for their Giants On Tour section.  Seriously, so cool!  Helen gets here late tomorrow night!!! I'll be sure to include a photo of the article from last Saturday's game on the next blog!

This photo was taken by Kris Kirby yesterday when she stopped through to say hello! Thanks for coming by!!! It totally made the day that much better! Otherwise we sit and stare at the walls.

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